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Chartwells is pleased to introduce a NEW and CONVENIENT way to purchase food at the school cafeteria with our Zipthru DINE WITH US Reloadable Card.  Just like any gift card, a balance is loaded on a card and declines as purchases are made.  The online function of this program provides convenience to purchase, reload and monitor balance and spending as well as set up an account to protect the balance on the card.

Based on customer feedback we would like to clarify the process to buy an e-Certificate and how to create an account to protect a balance on the card if reported lost or stolen. If you have any questions or concerns, please email



STEP ONE:  Buy an e-certificate online using a credit card or debit.  When purchase is made online an e-mail will be sent immediately to your e-mail address with an e-Certificate. 

STEP TWO:  Print and present the e-Certificate to the cashier at the cafeteria and the balance will be transferred to a zipthru reloadable card.

STEP THREE:  Visit online and Create An Account using the number from the card issued at the cafeteria (step 2).  Creating an account provides the benefit of protecting the balance, once reported online, and allows you to easily reload and track spending online. 

STEP FOUR:  Purchase using your card.  Each time the card is used to make a purchase, the amount of the purchase is deducted from the balance on the card.  The balance is printed at the bottom of each receipt. 


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STEP ONE:  Purchased an e-Certificate and transfer the balance to a physical card at the cafeteria.   “Create an Account” using the number located on the Zipthru DINE WITH US Card. 

STEP TWO: After you have created an account you can visit the site at any time by entering the “My Account” feature to review current balance.  With an account you can reload a new balance on the current card instantly as well.


Card Protection   If the card is lost or stolen, go to “My Account” and put a hold on the balance.  The system will notify our head-office and within three business days we will notify the Chartwells Food Service Director  to issue a new card with the remaining balance.  A follow up e-mail to the account holder will communicate next steps.   


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We hope that you enjoy our new service!  

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