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Hop On Over to the Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall

Hop on over to the Wanda Wyatt and purchase five all-you-care-to-eat lunches for only $30 (valid until April 19th)


Snack it Up: 2 for $4.44 Clif Bars

This finals season, grab some better-for-you bars with our two for $4.44 Clif Bars promo! 


Snack it Up: Montellier

Enjoy your favourite sparkling water for only $2.29 this month! Also check out our new Montellier 355mL cans in lemon and lime


Snack it Up: 2 for $3 Pringles

The perfect chip if you're on the go! Grab 2 Pringles for only $3 at our retail units


Snack it Up: Tropicana

Stay refreshed with a burst of real fruit juice with Tropicana for only $2.69! Visit our retail units for all the Tropicana flavours we have available


Impressions Cakes

Did you know that we offer customizable cakes for any occasion? We can now even print any image you want on to custom cakes or cookies! 🍰

Contact our catering manager, Marc Doiron at catering@upei.ca for more information

March Calendar

Here's what's happening at the Wanda Wyatt this month!