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Fadi Zuriekat - General Manager

Fadi Zuriekat

General Manager
905-845-9430 x 2757

After 25 years in the hospitality industry, one thing has always remained constant and that is "the customer always deserves the best". I have lived by this motto and carried it throughout my career, whether it was hotel management, overseeing retail operations, or food service management. I believe that by giving the customer the best, it allows for an overall great experience for everyone involved.         

Mh.Shahid Shaikh - Unit Manager - Trafalgar Campus

Mh.Shahid Shaikh

Unit Manager - Trafalgar Campus

I have always had a passion for customer service. With 6 years of experience in the food service industry, I attended Sheridan college and graduated in 2009 with a diploma in international business. I always want to bring a fresh take on the way that the industry is run because there is nothing better to me than providing people with great overall service. I feel that if I was able to create an impact with my service then I have truly done my job. 

Feras Alsmadi - Unit Manager - Davis

Feras Alsmadi

Unit Manager - Davis
(905) 453-4867

"I believe that food makes a difference and just seeing the smiles on others faces tells me that  I have provided them with the same quality service that I expect to be given anywhere around the world. I always aim to please the customer, and inspire my coworkers to do the same"

Bajes Al-Rabadi - Unit Manager- HMC Campus

Bajes Al-Rabadi

Unit Manager- HMC Campus
905-845-9430 x 7921

The ability to connect and relate with everyone has helped me a lot through my  years in the hospitality scene. The key to winning in this industry is to share good vibes with the guest and make them feel comfortable. End goal should always be to see them leave happily with a smile

Joel Lee - Executive Chef-Sheridan College

Joel Lee

Executive Chef-Sheridan College

I am the executive chef at Sheridan College. I am from a little place called Hong Kong and after 16 years of culinary experience, cooking from east to west getting accustomed is no problem. The belief that I have lived by is that "Good Food" must be accompanied by the best service. So come by the Davis cafeteria and experience the food and service I have dedicated my life to providing.

Fuad Elhawash - Chef-Davis Campus

Fuad Elhawash

Chef-Davis Campus

As a passionate student of the culinary arts, I am always driven by the challenge of creating new and enticing meals to satisfy all pallets. After over 15 years in the industry, one thing has always remained crystal clear to me. That is cooking has to be done with a lot of love, passion and most important of all FUN. I strive to make these three qualities shine through every one of my creations, so the guest will always experience it from the FIRST taste to the LAST.