Jan Vodicka

Jana Vodicka, Chartwells Manager of Campus Engagement and Sustainability 

My role within Chartwells is to collaborate with students, faculty, and other stakeholders on our campuses across Canada to initiate positive change, engage in conversations, and advance our journey towards sustainable foodservices. I welcome your ideas on how we can work together:


Happening Across Canada

Picture of Eli Bamfo Happening Across Canada

2015/16 Chartwells Campus Project at Mount Saint Vincent University


Working together for a sustainable future

We believe that in a sustainable society, individuals, communities and businesses flourish within nature’s limits. At Chartwells, we are committed to reducing the impact of our operations, while positively contributing to healthy and just communities.

As a division of Compass Group Canada, our Sustainability and Wellness platform, BALANCE, links together four distinct yet interconnected areas of focus: Wellness, Environment, Supply Chain and Community. 

 Chartwells is proud to support the following organizations


In October 2014, we proudly introduced the Compass Group Canada (CGC) Campus or Community Garden Standards and Guidelines. The development of the documents was led by Paul Medeiros (Director, Quality Assurance) in collaboration with public health, CGC foodservice managers and chefs, Compass US Quality Assurance, and reviewed by students from Meal Exchange’s national network. With the documents and processes developed, we are now able to safely source from campus or community gardens in and around the locations where we provide foodservices. Please see our Campus or Community Gardens Guide, which is designed to help student and community gardeners understand the basic food safety and business elements related to operating a campus or community garden.



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