Events & Promotions



Coffee for a Cause

Join us at the Beveridge Cafe, Huggins Snack Shop and the Athletics Axepress for our Coffee for a Cause monthly series. 

On the first Friday of every month we'll be collecting the profits from our Just Us! coffee sales and donating to a cause important to the Acadia community. 

At the end of each semester we'll ask for your charity or group recommendations and vote as a campus!

WE Rafikis Available

We want to see Acadia wear their Rafikis with pride! Purchase your WE Rafiki at any of our cafes on campus.


WE Special Meals | Eat Well, Do Good

Every time you purchase a WE Special meal, you give nutritious food to a child in Kenya to help them stay healthy and strong. You can help us reach our goal of providing these children with one million meals. 

Purchase any one of the WE Special meals at Beveridge Cafe, Huggins Snack Shop or Athletics Axepress then enter 709911 at to see how your meal makes a real difference!