Meatless Mondays


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This fall, Mackenzie Café, Dining Hall and Discovery Café is offering a variety of specialty vegetarian and vegan specials, alongside daily vegetarian offerings!

Why Go Meat Free?

For our own health

Vegetable sources of protein, especially legumes and grains are packed with vitamins and minerals and are good sources of more healthful unsaturated fats. They also have no cholesterol, generally are low in saturated fat and often lower in calories than animal protein.

For lower food costs

Recipes that include a plant-based protein are generally less expensive than traditional proteins such as chicken, beef and turkey.

For a sustainable future

A recent UN report concluded that raising animals for food is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all worldwide transportation systems combined, polluting our soil, air and water. Eating more meatless meals is a powerful tool against global warming and pollution.

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