Meal Plan FAQ

I live in Residence. Am I on a meal plan?

The meal plan program is voluntary.

What are the plan options and how much do meal plans cost?

We offer two types of tax-exempted plans

If I choose the 5-day plan, do I get to choose on which days I use it?

At this time, the Regular plan is only for Monday-Friday use. 

What does All-You-Care-to-Eat mean?

You can enter the Dining Hall as many times as you like during the operation hours to grab as many food and beverages as you can consume. With this model, you will never have to worry about going hungry. 

Where can I use my meal plan on campus?

The All-You-Care-To-Eat plan can be used at the Dining Hall only.

What are the Flex Dollars included in the meal plan and where can I use it?

Flex Dollars account holds the fund you can use at any Chartwells locations on the SAIT campus. To learn more about Chartwells locations, please visit the link  http://dineoncampus.ca/SAIT/menus/locations for more details. 

What happens if I run out of Flex Dollars?

You can top up your flex dollars at any time and as many times as you like.

When will the meal plan be activated and when does it expire? 

The meal plan will be activated on the first available move-in day of the residence and will expire on the move-out day of each semester. If there's any residual amount left in Flex Dollars account, the balance will be rolled over to the following semester. 

How do I access the Dining Hall?

Your meal plan and flex dollars will be loaded onto your student ID card or eCard. Just swipe and dine! 

Can I take food to-go from the Dining Hall?


What are the operation hours for the Dining Hall?

The Dining Hall will open from 7am to 11pm. Hot entry style meals will be available during peak meal periods. Breakfast: 7am-9:30am, Lunch: 11:30am - 2pm, Dinner: 5pm-7:30pm, Late Night Snack: 8am-10pm

Are there options for students with special dietary needs?

We will have vegetarian and made-without-gluten options available. If you have other allergies and/or very specific dietary concerns, please speak with our culinary team prior to applying for meal plans to see if we can accommodate you.  

Do I need to pre-register my dietary restrictions when I sign up for a meal plan?

We'd prefer the pre-registration. 

If I have questions about dietary concerns, ingredients, or have general feedback who can I speak to?

Please see our onsite executive chef or culinary team for food-related questions. 

Are meal plans available to students going to other schools?

If you live in the residence on the SAIT campus, you will be eligible to register to a meal plan 

Can I buy my meal plan for the whole school year or only per semester?

You can apply for a full year plan and split the payment in two if you also choose to pay for your room in two payments 

What if I have classes at the Aero and Point Trotter campus?

You can use the Flex Dollars at our food outlet on Aero campus or ask for a take-out lunch bag meal before leaving the campus. 

Can I bring visitors/friends/my parents to eat at the Dining Hall?

Yes, door rates for each meal period will apply for each entry and based on availability

Can I bring my friends into the Dining Hall to study or hang out with me?

The Dining Hall will be exclusively for students with meal plans.

Will I be able to get a meal plan for the Spring/Summer semester?

Yes, meal plan will be available from the move-in day in May until the Move-out day in August. 

Is it ok to remove utensils, cups, bowls and plates from the Dining Hall?

No, removing cutlery and dishware is not permitted, they are intended for use within Dining Hall only.

Is my meal plan refundable?

The meal plan is not refundable unless the student completely withdraws from SAIT before the end of the academic year. The refund will be calculated at a prorated amount plus a $150 processing fee. 

What happens if I forget my card?

Your eCard must be presented to the cashier in order to access the Dining Hall. If you forget it you will have to pay cash to gain access. The security of the card remains the cardholder's responsibility. 

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Please treat your eCard as cash. If your eCard is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to the eCard office. It is your responsibility to obtain a replacement. The cardholder is responsible for all charges made to their card until it is reported lost or stolen. 

If you have any further questions, please contact 

Amanda Williams

Catering Sales Manager